About me

Hi, I´m Adriana! I’m here for you and this is my story:

I have navigated the waves of uncertainty and chaos, I’ve learned to take the best of each experience to keep shining and sharing. Of all this I have also came to know that it is necessary to stop and simply flow, let go, and trust the process.

Does it sound familiar?

Let’s ride the waves together.

Flor de Loto comes to life as everything, from the alchemy of experiences of my life.

When I was 9 years old my dad died from lung cancer, I lived and felt his fight, his energy, his search and transformation.

My mom raised me to be a warrior, we gave each other the strength we needed. As I grew up I decided to follow mi dad’s path in medicine, and I tried to fit his shoes when I finally realized they were not mine, and that’s when yoga came in, I’ve always loved to move and I feel my life from its expression. So I broke up with patterns and beliefs and reinvented myself.

Luz came in after – she was my next teacher – she called me just as she was finishing her chemos and found herself with many secondary effects from it, this would turn in to be my biggest training, learning from her rhythms, movements, breathing, energy and compassion required to walk together in the process of recovery. She was my motivation to keep on with my studies and go Yoga for Awareness for Cancer by Kim and Jim Carson at Duke University; as I came back home I knew I had a project in process. I was full of ideas, and one sleepless night I knew it had to come to life. That night the name, idea, sequences and everything was born.

The program comes from the evolution of medicine to have a loving place during the different stages of disease and after the patient’s release, not only in a physical way but also taking into account the mental and emotional aspects.




:: We are not alone, we are web of infinite support, empathy, compassion and love. Together we shine brighter::


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