Online sessions

¿Fears? There are many kinds, fear of death is one of the most common ones, but you know, we are all going away someday, so for the present moment we just invite our fears for tea and make of this one great tea party.

A good cup of green tea and talking about real stuff. We’re here for that.


I perfectly understand the need to stay home.

So I reach to you through your computer.

Online sessions are designed to work with you from the warmth of your home. The practice is centered on your needs, and I´ll be there to listen to you.

Yoga brings a space of calmness, we go through the physical, mental and emotional aspects – it is one of the physical disciplines widely studied and supported by medicine as a complementary therapy.

I’ve seen many transformations and if you are here, gift yourself with an opportunity to create a new relationship you. Let’s cultivate selfcare together.

Some conditions that can be improved with yoga practice:

• Anxiety

• Insomnia

• Depression

• Range of movement

• Strength

• Cardiopulmonary conditioning

• Neuropathy secondary to chemo

Requirements to work online together:

• Internet connection

• Laptop/tablet/mobile with Skype app set in place so that I can see you full body.

50 minute session $25 USD

50 minute – 4 session package $90 USD