This workshop is a specialty in the yoga world. Designed for those yoga teachers who are interested in broadening their knowledge and adding tools to their work.

This Yoga and Breast Cancer immersion is a profound view to all that is lived through the experience of cancer, and invitation to ride the waves – holding on together, flowing and reclaiming our feminine essence.

One for all and all for one – breast cancer is the number one cancer for women, it affects us all and we are all there to support each other. Yoga practices and movement has been widely studied and supported to have a powerful effect in the wellness and improvement of patients and survivors.

You have all the power in you to help more women navigate through this experience.

During training we will work and analyze the following topics:

• Cancer physiology

• Conventional Treatments

• Emotional effects of cancer

• Yoga and exercise benefits in breast cancer treatment

• Working with and sequencing

• Movement stages of Flor de Loto

If you would like to host a training in your yoga center or community please contact me.

Let’s work together with all the women who need our help!