Come and let’s work together or I’ll travel to where you are, I can move happily to any part of the world to plant more seeds of connection.

To live Flor de Loto workshop is an opportunity to reconnect yourself.

It consists in 8 sessions that bring you a space of trust to move, breathe, sense and let go. It is a group that nourishes and brings in the necessary strength to flourish again.

Yoga brings a space of calmness, we go through the physical, mental and emotional aspects – it is one of the physical disciplines widely studied and supported by medicine as a complementary therapy that aids in improving range of motion, diminishes anxiety, insomnia and depression, helps cardiovascular condition and  neuropathy secondary to chemo,  and helps in the prevention of osteoporosis, among others.

I believe in the capacity of a woman to reinvent herself day by day, to take the nutrients of life’s experiences to shine more. Your light is important to the world, I’ll see you there. Together we shine brighter.

If you would like to host a workshop for breast cancer patients in your yoga center or community please contact me.